The Mabinogion or Mabinogi? A guide for the confused.

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Mabinogion or Mabinogi? So which is it? The short and confusing answer is – both. The Mabinogion or Mabinogi are a collection of stories collected together in the Middle Ages around eight hundred years ago. The Mabinogion usually refers to the whole collection within which there are four separate ‘branches’ of related stories called the […]

Norse Mythology – a review of Neil Gaiman’s book

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Norse mythology is closer than you think. If you speak English you summon the old Norse gods every time you say the words Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Tyr is the one handed god of war. Odin is the one-eyed all father who hung on the world-tree in order to win wisdom. Thor is the […]

Welsh myth – Review of ‘Assembly of the Severed Head’ by Hugh Lupton

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There are several versions available of the Welsh myth ‘The Mabinogion’ but Hugh Lupton’s is strikingly effective. For Mabinogion geeks like myself the texts as they have come down to us in modern Welsh and English translations are a mine of wonder and magic about the soul of the country where I live. However, for […]

So, did I just make all this up?

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No, I did not! The story I tell in the book Pig Boy is in a long story from Celtic mythology . It’s part of a bigger collection of marvellous, magical and really quite weird Welsh stories called the Mabinogion. In its medieval form Pig Boy was called Culhwch and Olwen and, for many years, […]

Pig Boy is on his way in a new book!

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I have almost completed the first draft of my new book, Pig Boy,  and I am now looking for the people who will help turn it from a humble word processing document into a big,fat,smelly,snorting reality. Just like the heroes who go off in pursuit of the Great Boar in the story I’m looking for […]